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Photographic stories: "Heiner Machalett - Family and Nature”

Hi guys,

it's time for a new story from the "Photographic Stories" column. The month of April will see the story of a talented German photographer Heiner Machalett and his immense love for his family with whom he often shares his photographic and naturalistic passion.

I am happy to have Heiner Machalett as a guest, make yourself comfortable and enjoy his beautiful story.

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Enjoy the reading


My name is Heiner Machalett and I live with my family in Germany, Hesse on the edge of the beautiful Odenwald.

My passion for visual art has accompanied me for a long time. I tried myself in painting and drawing, but was not so satisfied with the results. I dealt with many artists and art history what fulfilled me very much and fulfilled.

Photography has always been a part of me since my youth, but this was quite documentary and I understood the medium of photography for a long time as capturing events.

Is it actually only ?.....Yes!

But the realization that how you capture things is the crucial point, to express yourself individually and personally intimately visually, this tree of knowledge germinated and grew up tentatively but ceaselessly.

It continues to do so and the main trunk is becoming more vigorous and steadfast in personal character and expression.

The fine ramifications in crown and root are vital for the reception of stimuli and the absorption of nutrients for the formation of the main stem as the consolidation and finding itself in visual expression, which is the greatest challenge of an artist.

Antonio wrote to me here in his very interesting blog with all the great featured artists to show a picture that touches me emotionally strongly and why it does.

Well, most of my photographs touch me personally emotionally and this emotionality the feelings felt on the spot I also try to convey to the independent viewer.

I would like to present you a picture from this winter. It shows a wintry scene during a sudden snowstorm.

This winter here with us was something special. We haven't had so much snow over a long period of time for a very, very long time. And so my kids and I were out sledding and enjoying the snow and of course taking pictures that day as well.

When the snowstorm began we sought shelter at the edge of the forest. As we watched the natural spectacle this striking chestnut tree caught my eye. So I ran with tripod and camera to the open field and tried as best I could in the heavy snow to stage the tree with manual focus.

After a while and completely snowed in, I was satisfied with the results and went back into the protective forest where I

arrived as a complete snowman to the amusement of my children.

I like the dense atmosphere and the tangibility of the intense snow that day.

Our 2 girls and my wife are already used to their dad always being out with camera and love to go along on extended hikes or to selected spots. I find this combination of family togetherness and creative photography to be the greatest enrichment in my life.

This is also the reason why this picture (and many others ) binds me very personally emotionally. It is the memories of a good time with people I love. A neutral viewer does not know about this personal connection, of course, and so the image divides into a very personal level and a purely visual standing for itself.

Capturing the visual emotionality felt on location is what drives me as a photographer and fulfills me.

Photography and especially landscape and nature photography means so much more than the resulting image. It is a training and sharpening of all the senses and teaches us humility and responsibility towards our habitat.


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@ Antonio: thanks for inviting Heiner to write his story, it is always a great enrichment for me to come to know interesting artists!

@ Heiner: thanks for sharing your thoughts and your very personal experiences. I appreciate the subtlety of your winter image presented here a lot and and enjoy your family images too!

Peter Richter, Vienna

Replying to

Many thanks Peter For your visit and comment. Antonio

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