Photo by Antonio Marchese


I am a professional photographer, I live in my homeland, Calabria, a wonderful place with an almost wild flavor, which combines sea, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests and hilly landscapes.

When I approached the world of photography, I was immediately attracted by the great masters of landscape, nature and documentary photography, among which Joe Cornish, David Ward, Charles Cramer, Christopher Burkett, Art Wolfe, Antoine d 'Agatà stand out. These helped to raise my interest mainly in introspective photography and Fine Art.

In the naturalistic field I am a fairly territorial photographer and I try with my images to bring out the intimate and sentimental side of Calabria, of nature, landscapes, traditions, culture.

I also project the same dedication and love into my wedding, commercial and editorial photographic work, creating images with the same care for color, elegance and attention to detail, which distinguishes my naturalistic work, as well as having direct contact with the client for a complete design collaboration.

I use a mirrorless camera, wide angle zoom and telephoto lenses, NDG filters, polarizers and tripods. I postproduce the images mainly with Capture One and Photoshop. I never add non-existent situations and elements to my images during shooting.

I have collaborated and collaborate with Italian and foreign magazines, including In Viaggio (Cairo Editore), Asferico, Onlandscape and League of Landscape Photographers.

I organize photographic workshops, teaching my students something that goes beyond the purely technical side, but which has its roots in the soul of the photographer and his personal vision.

Through my site it is possible to buy Fine Art prints of my works.


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