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Photographic stories: "Paco Costa - Mediterranean sunrise"

Hi guys,

today I am happy to host the story of a talented photographer that I was able to discover on the web. Originally from Spain, Paco Costa literally enchanted me with his images rich in pastel shades and with perfect and never banal compositions, they are often a mix between abstractionism and classic landscape and you almost have the feeling of merging the earthly landscape with the landscape otherworldly. Really amazing!

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Enjoy the reading!


Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in your blog, it is an honour for me to be with such photographers who are admired and of great esteem.

I was born and have always lived in a small village near the Mediterranean coast, in the province of Alacant. I like and practice nature photography in general, but the Mediterranean Sea is the place where I focus my hobby. I also love travelling, the mountains or getting lost in the forest for hours, but I always lack time for that. Over the years I have learned to look at the landscape in a different way, dedicating more time to the intimate landscape.

Although I usually go out alone, looking for peace and quiet, the day in question, I had arranged to meet a friend to watch the sunrise and, as we arrived in good time, there we were chatting while the sky began to lighten. That morning was one of those mornings that you don't expect great results. Late September, but it was still very hot. The sea was calm and the sky without a cloud, just the usual ambient humidity. A typical sunrise in our region. Still, the gentle sound of the sea waves on the shore is always inspiring.

The sun was about to peek over the horizon when I went to try some more open, more "landscape" framing, but nothing looked special to me. So I soon took the camera off the tripod and went in search of a more intimate landscape. With the telephoto lens mounted and the camera in my hands I began to observe the coming and going of the small waves, letting myself be carried away by their gentle movement and rhythmic sound. That sound is the one that catches me, attracts me like polar opposites and makes me come back again and again to listen to it. I began to experiment with different intentional camera movements and exposure speeds. The sun was rising a little over the horizon and its rays formed a soft reflection on the water, a reflection filtered by the humidity in the atmosphere. A light of intense orange tones was reflected in front of me. I remained pensive, abstracted by the sudden tonal beauty. The warmth of the sun intermingled with the blue of the sea. I tried exposures of between ½ and ¼ second and different movements. In the end those small waves present helped me to create a simple yet different image.

For me, the image "Mediterranean sunrise" shows the reality of the moment but in a more abstract, creative way. Trying to imitate the brush strokes of a painter, together with the colours of the sky on the surface of the sea. But here each person can interpret the image in their own way, awaken their own emotions, and that is the beauty of photography.


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