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Photographic stories: "Jason Pettit - Lake Master"

Hi guys, after a few months' break, the "Photographic stories" column will resume its journey to discover, share and read great authors and photographers from all over the world. Today more than ever we need a strong bond between different peoples and cultures, what the men in power are unable to do, we world population try to pursue. Sharing culture and art makes us free and makes us strong.

I want to share with great pleasure the story of a beautiful image by Jason Pettit, a very good photographer that I discovered thanks to social networks. Jason creates sublime images, with flawless composition and a strong creative and artistic vision. I find in him a very intimate vision even in the broader views, this is quite remarkable and admirable.

I was fascinated by his story, I always imagined what it was like to live in the great Canadian lakes and therefore his story has aroused a lot of interest in me.

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Enjoy the reading


Thank you Antonio for allowing me to talk about myself, and my work. Being an admirer of the other photographers you’ve showcased on your blog I felt honoured to be asked to contribute.

I began photography as a way to be creative. I’ve always felt a strong urge to be creative but have never been very artistic. At the age of 41 I discovered photography through chance. All I remember is buying a camera on a whim with no forethought…it felt as if the camera was just shoved into my hand by an outside entity.

I’m from a small island called Prince Edward County sitting in Lake Ontario, Canada. Having always lived here I have grown a strong bond with the land and have explored most every nook and cranny of its diverse landscape. It’s where I create all of my work, believing that it is a subject/project that I may never be done with.

Prince Edward County is made up of farmer’s fields, small forests and over 500 kilometers of shoreline. It’s the shorelines that attract the most attention, accounting for thousands of tourists each year. Many are white sand beaches but the south shore is primarily stone slabs or rounded rock beaches.

I concentrate mostly on smaller scenes to create my art but like many I began my photographic journey hunting the big scenes. Unfortunately, Prince Edward County doesn’t have mountains, canyons or Red Wood forests and so the grand scene didn’t hold my imagination photographically for very long. Likening my home to music whereas the landscape of a place like Colorado would be represented by a grand opera, Prince Edward County would be better portrayed through simple folk music, and that’s fine. I find my home has shaped how I create, and forced me to push harder to learn how to “see”.

The image I have chosen as a phtograph I feel a strong bond with is from my favourite beach. Located within Sandbanks Provincial Park this beach is bounded on one side by Lake Ontario, and the world’s largest freshwater dune system on the other. During the summer the park is very busy with tourists. However, most tourists are just there for the beaches near the easily accessible parking lots and if you walk beyond the throngs you can have the place to yourself.

This tree is one of the few remaining shore trees along this stretch of beach and stands all alone. I come here often and always feel like I’m revisiting an old friend when I do. It brings me comfort to sit on the shore of my lifelong home surrounded by the stones, the smell of the lake breeze and my own thoughts.


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2 commentaires

Peter Richter
Peter Richter
28 sept. 2022

Jason, thanks for sharing your story and this impressive image. The lonely tree conveys your deep emotional connection to this scene immediately to me. It shows for me both steadfastness as well as vulnerability. The color palette connects earth and sky in an amazing way to my eye and the highlights in the upper part symbolize a kind of infiníty. Great work in my opinion.


En réponse à

Thanks for the kind words Peter. I sometimes wonder if I could make satisfying images anywhere else. I prefer overcast days to create images, the harsh light of the sun often puts a colour cast over everything and hides the true inter relations between the land and sky. Take care.

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