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Photographic stories: Cosmin Stan - Mystical lands

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Rieccoci con un nuovo articolo di ''Racconti fotografici'', rubrica dedicata al mondo più riflessivo e sentimentale della fotografia di natura e paesaggio.

Oggi sarà mio ospite il fotografo Cosmin Stan, un fotografo della Romania, terra dai meravigliosi paesaggi fiabeschi e selvaggi. Apprezzo tantissimo i suoi eccezionali lavori, una cura maniacale per i dettagli ed una ricerca continua di luoghi nascosti. E' un tipo di fotografia territoriale che sposo e condivido a pieni voti. L'articolo sarà totalmente in inglese. Buona lettura e non dimenticate di iscrivervi alla newsletter per ricevere aggiornamenti.


Cosmin Stan - Mystical lands

My name is Cosmin Ovdiu Stan, a native from Romania who lives in Hunedoara. I am an international awarded photographer. My passion is to photograph wonderful places from my country, especially in the mountain areas. Photography is the best way to express myself. Uniting two passions, trekking and photography, landscape photography was the inevitable progression that just had to happen. Everything I know about photography I have learned on my own. Of course, I have been inspired by many and continue to be inspired, my style is constantly developing and evolving with each hike I make. The photos I take are not documentary ones. Each image is carefully edited because the camera cannot capture it the same way we perceive it with our eyes.

Some images may even seem surreal though they are real. The difference is they were photographed in an unusual light. Each photo is a part of my inner self, a subjective interpretation of a scene, moment or place. My relentless pursuit of the perfect image will be an ongoing adventure that will never end.

Mystical lands - ©Cosmin Stan

The image was taken in Romania, Padiș - Apuseni Mountains Natural Park on a beautiful autumn morning. Initially this tour was not a landscape photography tour but rather a tour in which I wanted to listen to the red deer and even photograph them. I started early in the morning from the cottage and climbed a nearby peak (Vărășoaia peak), no traces of deer; at that moment I realized that the long-awaited meeting with them would not happen, from this peak I had a wonderful view and down on the plateau the fog had appeared, it was a long-desired moment, I had I placed the tripod with the camera and mounted the telephoto lens because the scene I wanted was far enough so as to isolate a small part of the landscape, I framed and shot some frames, it was the blue hour, long before the sunrise, that's why this blue tint. I didn't see or hear the red deer but I was pleased and glad that I was able to photograph a scene that I had in mind for a long time.

This image has won Landscapes category at CEWE Photo Awards 2019 from a number of 83.000 images entered in the contest in this category.

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