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Photographic stories:"Elvis Dallie - Flaming"

Hi guys

today a photographer with a great creative approach will be the guest of the column: Elvis Dallie.

Elvis is a photographer with a strong personality with a purely intimate landscape style, his beautiful images are a combination of colors and textures, with undoubted creative originality. He is a researcher of small scenes with subjects that seem to communicate with each other through shapes and colors, penetrating the soul of the observer with a beautiful feeling of well-being. Elvis's photos give me peace of mind and well-being.

I am delighted to host his images and his story on my blog.

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Enjoy the reading


First of all, thank you Antonio for this beautiful invitation.

I feel honored to be among all these great professional photographers.

It took a while, but finally my website is online.

You invited me last year,

but as you know photographers are meticulous and prefer to have everything in order.

You also asked me to choose a special image that touched me personally.

This is such an image, simple but effective in which all aspects for a photographer are portrayed such as,

the light, subject and technique that brings it together and ultimately gives the end result.

It is an image that was taken near my home. As a photographer,

sometimes you don't have to travel great distances to shoot the perfect picture.

It's about how the image was created. I do find it important in which circumstances the image was made,

so time of day and the season can also be very decisive.

In this case it was around sunset, as well as sunrise they are times from which magic arises.

So everything comes together at once.

Circumstances that photographers are waiting for and want to be on site at exactly that moment. It was the end of summer,

the reed collars have finished flowering, only a beautiful plume remains.

Small openings in the plume allow the last sunlight to catch which makes it special and creates a special effect.

The area where this image was created was in the Ooijpolder, behind Nijmegen (Gelderland),

a large part of which is a nature reserve, with many diverse plant species and animals.

For the past three years it has been weak due to extreme drought and the contrast became very clear

when there is not enough rain and the area is more or less hit and no longer has any attraction for everything that lives there.

Finally, nature is given to us, it costs us no money, it is free and we as humans can borrow it to enjoy it.

Much has already been destroyed on this beautiful earth.

In all contexts, I hope from the bottom of my heart that we humans should realize how beautiful this earth is,

and that we should be very careful with it. Nothing is self-evident, norms and values are of great importance.

Also respecting what you have has to be satisfied.

I hope to have made a small contribution with this story and who the person behind the camera is,

and very passionate about his profession.

I enjoy it every day and it's a blessing that I get to do it in good health.

Yours truly, Elvis

Instagram: @elvisdallie

Facebook: /elvis.dallie



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