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Photographic stories: Eric Erlenbusch - Bryce Wonderland

Hi guys,

here you are again with the monthly column "Photographic stories". In the last year I have interacted very little with my blog, if initially the pandemic in 2020 inspired me to write and tell a lot, in 2021 I lost some inspiration and I dedicated my time to finalize an important photographic project . But I am very happy, as I promised, to continue with the "Photographic stories" column hosting every month the stories of extraordinary photographers from all over the planet. Today it is the turn of Eric Erlenbusch, an American photographer who with his wonderful photographs transports us between the rocks and canyons of Utah. Truly remarkable images, ranging from abstract to the most intimate landscapes, to the most classic landscapes, all with its own personal interpretation that combines a lot of elegance with pastel colors. I appreciated his approach and I'm happy he accepted my invitation.

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Thank you, Antonio, for the opportunity to share a story from a memorable morning. Bryce Canyon is a special place in Southern Utah, a landscape of bizarre stone formations stretching towards the horizon and below. The formations all sit at a relatively high elevation so they catch light very early in the morning and this high elevation also means diverse weather conditions. Winters are cold and snowy, summer brings rain and thunderstorms and the fall and spring bring a mix of both summer and winter conditions. It's a dynamic environment for weather, which only adds to the interesting formations of the landscape.

I'm fortunate to live relatively close and visit frequently. Some visits are just from the rim, observing and photographing the light and grand landscapes. Some visits are hikes into the canyon, leading to more intimate views of the hoodoos and light. The image I've chosen here is from one such hike in October 2020. The day was frigid for that time of year with the temperature of 10F with a light dusting of snow on the ground and ice crystals suspended in the air. The conditions were truly magical.

This particular morning I chose to begin hiking before sunrise so I could be among the hoodoos as the sun rose. The rest of my plans were fluid, following the light, following my intuition and letting Nature take care of the rest. Conditions and light were all excellent so I just wandered and photographed what my eyes saw. This image was a sort of a surprise, as I made only one exposure before moving on. Looking back I should have shot a few more variations but for some reason I didn't. It was an image that emerged once I'd returned home but not something I immediately knew when capturing the scene. I'd like to think this is an image which came from my intuition and embodies my approach and style of Nature Photography.

My main approach to photography is to be among the landscape first. I find I need to be engaged with the landscape in some fashion to see and create my best work. I can't just be a passive observer. I need to walk through, or climb above, or to immerse myself into the landscape and conditions to feel a deeper connection to the landscape. Through this approach I let the images find me instead of seeking a certain one. I find Nature often rewards this approach in new and interesting ways but it demands that our eyes are open. Sometimes it's there but we need to be in the mindset of seeing to find it. To me this image embodies my approach and highlights a special moment among a landscape I find to be infinitely inspiring.

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