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Quarantine photography

[In Italiano sotto]

Like so many photographers, especially residents of the states most affected by Covid-19 and with severe restrictions, I gave up my photographic outings in nature. In such periods, time never seems to pass, and one is often overwhelmed by a feeling of being unwell. In order not to fall into total discomfort, I created a series of close ups of flowers and plants using my small home balcony; in this way I trained my mind, my creativity and in the meantime I removed bad thoughts. The result is a set of images that tell my emotions in a gray period like the clouds in the winter sky, images that in the future I will probably look at with a modicum of nostalgia and melancholy, a small furrow of my past that will echo forever in deep in my soul. I wish you a good vision


Come tanti fotografi, specialmente residenti negli stati più colpiti dal Covid-19 e con forti restrizioni, ho rinunciato alle mie uscite fotografiche in natura.

In periodi simili il tempo sembra non trascorrere mai, e si viene spesso sopraffatti da una sensazione di malessere. Per non cadere nello sconforto totale, ho creato una serie di close up di fiori e piante sfruttando il mio piccolo balcone di casa; ho in questo modo allenato la mia mente, la mia creatività e nel frattempo allontanato i cattivi pensieri. Il risultato è un insieme di immagini che raccontano le mie emozioni in un periodo grigio come le nuvole nel cielo d'inverno, immagini che in futuro guarderò probabilmente con un briciolo di nostalgia e malinconia, un piccolo solco del mio passato che echeggerà per sempre in fondo alla mia anima.

Vi auguro una buona visione


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Hi Richter

Thanks a lot for your comment. Unfortunately we are facing a dark period, but which on the one hand is helping us to reflect on the essential things in life. I doubt, however, that all this will be useful, because the human being (and in particular those who live on capitalism) is a species that easily forgets and does not draw positivity, to improve their lifestyle, from negative events. I hope with all my heart that the pandemic has shaken people's hearts, enjoying more than the simplicity of things.

A hug and good luck for everything!


Hi Antonio,

thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images. They make me also feel a kind of melancholy. I think the lockdown gave us a chance to take a closer look at our familiar surroundings. And I am sure this will help us to cope with all the difficulties of these days.

My wife and I went hiking through Vienna Woods whenever possible during the last weeks. This area is a biosphere reserve just a fifteen minutes drive from our home and I know it well since my childhood. Nevertheless it offers us new aspects every time we go there. And when the pandemic is gone someday, we will thankfully remember these hiking tours.

Best to you,


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