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Photographic stories: Jon Gibbs - Forvie National Nature

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hi guys, the section dedicated to the most reflective and sentimental world of nature and landscape photography continues, on the photographic interpretations of the photographers interviewed. Today guest of my blog is an English photographer and artist whom I have appreciated and followed for a long time: Jon Gibbs. Jon's dunes and seascapes and intimate landscapes are among the most expressive I know; I would spend hours and hours observing and contemplating his impeccable images, compositions and colors. Jon Gibbs also has an interesting Youtube channel that I link to the bottom of the page. I asked Jon to tell us about his image to which he is deeply attached. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. Enjoy the reading


Jon Gibbs: Forvie National Nature

8th Dec 2018

This image was taken at a place that I had been dreaming of visiting for years. Forvie NNR is on the beautiful Aberdeenshire coast, this area is not one of the most famous photographic locations in Scotland but there is plenty of beautiful locations to discover if you can drag yourself away from the delights of the North West Highlands.

After running a workshop on Skye I decided to treat myself to a couple of days photography at Forvie before making the long trip home. Forvie really did exceed my expectations. Primarily I’m a coastal photographer and I especially love photographing dune systems and Forvie was one of the most impressive dune systems I had ever seen.

The difficulty was knowing quite where to start but the early morning light on the first day made it easy for me, the grasses were taking the light beautifully, everywhere looked really good.

What I do in this situation is look carefully at the grasses, hopefully there is a breeze so they are not static, I look for shapes and contours within the grasses and also the shadow areas so there is a nice bit of contrast.

The area of grasses in the picture looked wonderful, it reminded me of a wave. The occasional breeze came across and I made sure I depressed the shutter when the breeze was at its strongest. In all honesty I took far too many pictures but I knew that I had taken an image that would give me a lot of satisfaction.The shapes of the grasses and the light was beautiful, I had to just check my shutter speed to ensure I put across the look that I was after, I didn’t want the grasses to look too blurry.

I look back at it know and it reminds of a wonderful couple of days in a completely new location. In the current situation it is lovely to look back at our work and re-ignite those memories and feelings from our landscape photography trips. Hopefully we’ll all be back out with our cameras soon.

Instagram: jongibbsphoto

You tube: Jon Gibbs


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