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Photographic stories: "Anna Morgan - Meandering"

Benvenuti guys.

Landscape photography, especially the one that does not seek aesthetic canons at all costs through a spectacularized and iconic research, even more than the landscape reflects the sensitivity of the author and his personality. From the colors, the shades, the composition of the individual images, but even better from a series, we are able to give an interpretation of the author's personality that is often well detailed. I am therefore happy today to host Anna Morgan, an Anglo-Spanish photographer, but naturalized in Canada, who I have been following with great interest for some time on social networks, with an excellent photographic and artistic sensitivity. His images convey to me peace and tranquility, the same one that I find in his splendid story that made me reflect both how wonderful it is to share one's passion for nature with loved ones from the first moments of life, and how weak we are in front of it. to tragedies and both events, albeit opposite, contribute internally to vent our creativity.

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Thank you, Antonio, for this kind invitation to share a short story.

We arrived in California after a ten-day drive from British Columbia through the States of

Washington and Oregon, trying as far as possible to avoid busy highways and big towns. Easier

said than done travelling these distances with two children under the age of three. For my

daughter, at six months old, it was her first time sleeping in a tent. It was ‘out of season’ which,

for any photographer, usually means opportunity, excitement and hopefully some inclement

weather. It was also my favourite time of year; when Autumn turns to Winter and the last,

vulnerable leaves hang in the trees, their fates sealed and in the hands of the elements.

We had got as far as the Eastern Sierra and, as we approached Mono Lake from the East, we

became acutely aware of the smoke hanging over the mountains in an eerily coloured haze. My

thoughts turned to my friends who had lost their homes in the previous year’s forest fires. At

the same time the mercury was dropping and, exhausted, we decided to find somewhere to

stay instead of pitching the tent. It was a good decision as we were able to relax and slow

down our pace.

Over the next few days, the smoke gradually cleared and we could see blue skies once more.

The day this image was taken, we made a last-minute decision to drive to one of the nearby

creeks to do some family exploring. It was great to feel the late afternoon sun warming our

faces and nourishing us. As we walked, at toddler pace, we came across a clearing that was

surrounded by aspens and where dappled light was meandering across the dried seasonal

grasses. As our son happily ran through the grasses with his teddy bear, his little sister watched

from the baby carrier and I took out my camera gear. I made several images in that spot but

this one in particular draws me back to the moment. I can hear the silent ‘flames’ dancing in

the foreground, my thoughts returning to the wildfires and my friends. I can feel the breeze in

the tree tops. I can recall how fresh the air smelled after many days of smoke and the joy my

son expressed playing in the meadow and amongst the trees. And, It is a personal reminder

that opportunities are there if we choose to see them.


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