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Photographic stories: "Angelo Jesus - Sisters"

Hi guys,

It is late Autumn, the trees show themselves in their most enchanting beauty, the woods release their leaves in the last warm colors before falling into the ground and giving way to winter.

I am happy to host the Portuguese photographer Angelo Jesus, known for his wonderful and incredible images of the woods, with an impeccable composition combined with an excellent chromatic research. The often dark and ghostly atmosphere contributes to giving his photographs a touch of mysticism, taking the breath away and also involving the observer mentally. I am more and more happy to be able to share authors in my column that I appreciate very much and with a disproportionate love for their territory, enriches my artistic and also geographical knowledge.

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Enjoy the reading


Thanks a lot Antonio for this kind invitation to show one of my photographs and tell the story behind it.

In the northern woodlands of Portugal there are some places where several cork oak trees have a very special character. When I have the chance to go there, I like to visit those trees, to see how they are doing, to touch their skin, almost like they are my friends and in the end, I always like to take their portrait.

Those two “Sisters”attracted me right the first time I look at them, not only because of their singular appearence but also their precarious position in a very steep terrain.

I’m not sure why but I always had an attraction for leaning trees. Maybe because I think they have a harder life then all the others or maybe just for aesthectic reasons.

In this scene, seems to me like the tree on the right is holding the other one from falling on the ground. It’s also a scene with a certain dynamic, something that really pleases me when dealing with static subjects.

Despite trying to put the camera in diferent positions and angles, I think this was the only composition that works and that does justice to the scene and although there’s more weight on the left side, the rocks and the colouful fearns provide some balance.

This image was made in last year’s fall with the constant company of rain. Despite the usual strugles when photographing woodlands with this kind of weather, that’s also when I tend to be more immersed in the process and also in tune with the place. On rainy days, the ambience and atmosphere always seem to be special and there’s also the benefit of rarely come across anyone on the trails.

I finish by saying that very recently I printed this image and the experience of hold it in my hands made me remember the sensations I had when I was there in that particular day.



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