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Hypnosis the book

Updated: May 1, 2022

Finally here we are, I officially announce that my Hypnosis book is in pre-order on the Crowdbooks platform.

"Hypnosis" is my photographic story of an introspective journey into the deep subconscious, achieved through the hypnotic trance. The journey, in its images printed on high quality Italian paper and with advanced offset technology, will illustrate dreamlike landscapes and forests through an alternation of tonal contrasts and emotional states that will accompany the reader throughout the story. I tell my hypnotic personal experiences through images, guiding towards the exploration of areas not inaccessible to the senses, where the mind keeps its deepest secrets.

I am very happy that the preface of "Hypnosis" is edited by the artist, author and photographer Guy Tal Photography, an icon of the international photographic scene for which I feel a deep esteem and admiration.

Hypnosis is divided into 3 chapters (Darkness, Metamorphosis, Inner peace), each of which required a constant study and a different interpretation of color and mood.

Chapter I – Darkness The first trance-like journeys began here, in the darkness of the subconscious where the deepest fears are hidden, my shadows. In “Darkness” the visual is disturbing and claustrophobic, small hints of color are the right counterpoint to the suffering, the desire to escape from this state of mind will be more and more alive as the story progresses and the color. The fog envelops the landscape in a shy embrace, the water is the antidote against the demons of the past and leads me with harmony towards the Dama Bianca, elegant waterfall that releases all its purifying power positive energy.

Chapter II – Metamorphosis

In “Metamorphosis”, between melancholic tones never excessive and a poetic nature, the color becomes the true protagonist of the inner landscapes. The forest is enchanted, pure and of a timeless beauty, my soul absorbs all the positive energies of these trees, which also have a distinct soul that reveals a strong sensitivity. I am fortunate to find myself in this enchanting riot of colors that stimulates and encourages my research, where the muffled sound emphasizes even more the beauty of an ever-changing landscape.

Chapter III – Inner Peace

The evolution of the landscape fades with the fading colors and the white, the union of all the colors, makes the vision of the place ethereal now frozen in an ‘enchanting beauty. The cold extinguishes that fire imprisoned inside my body, the silence is interrupted by a light wind and the noise of the boots that sink at every step I take, slowing down my walk and letting me enjoy all the magic of the landscape. Through inner peace I accepted my fears and weaknesses, I took control of them and gained awareness. There is no light without darkness, just as there is no art without suffering.

To read all the details of the book "Hypnosis" and to pre-order your copy, click:

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