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Exploring a special place

Me struggling with the beautiful waterfall - Photo by Marco Garcea

Some time ago in an article of mine I stated that according to my personal opinion, every place in addition to having a real soul, preserves a memory that echoes in time and space and in other dimensions, fueled by the imagination and imagination of its visitors.

I have been spending the last few months (unfortunately in full pandemic) scouting in places I had not yet visited and many of these are ancient and wild; thanks to this I was able to complete some photographic projects and start others. Before alarming anyone, I would like to point out that I am a professional photographer and therefore I am allowed to move for work needs.

My friend Marco, an expert professional guide of the Sila National Park and Calabrian trails as well as a member of the Italian Alpine Club, one day told me that he had discovered a place (about 30 minutes by car from my home) of extraordinary beauty, which i should definitely visit.

So it was that recently, armed with cameras, lenses and my trusty tripod, I let myself be accompanied in this magnificent glimpse of the landscape, along an initial path that led to the river bed and which in turn we traveled to reach the goal. And finally here we are, a small canyon embraces a waterfall made up of two jumps of about 3-4 meters each, fascinating me with its impeccability and perfection in arranging the elements in so little space, a true work of art of mother nature in one glimpse probably considered unsurprising for those accustomed to the great glimpses of famous and famous (but wonderful) destinations to which social networks have accustomed us, but a real delight for territorial explorers and nature lovers like me. I'm happy with little, as long as it's wild, enjoyable and makes me feel good.

But what literally amazed me is what lies beyond those falls. Marco, who discovered and knows the place well, opened the trail along the rocky wall on which we climbed for a few meters, continuing for a short and treacherous stretch balanced on a few centimeters of earth suspended over the gorge, a strip of land held back by the strong roots of a couple of young trees, armed only with a pinch of adrenaline and a great desire for exploration. No path, no rope or help, so we must pay close attention, but the risk was repaid by what presented itself in front of my eyes: a unique glimpse of a wild and alien landscape.

Blocks of rock smoothed by water and bad weather, intertwined on themselves, creating various levels as if they were perfect steps to welcome any visitors. The landscape is literally submerged by green lichens that echo everywhere, made even more incandescent by the last rays of sunlight. The waters are clear, the seabed is reddish, without any form of life. On the left the wall of the small canyon follows the river, disappearing from my view and fading onto as many natural angular steps on which the water flows quickly.

The beauty of the place is immense, I was amazed and surprised, because such a place opens up to all kinds of imaginations and fantasies. Seeing those rocks I immediately imagined unknown civilizations, alien or elven, inhabitants of uncontaminated glimpses devoted to mother nature they take care of. Water is the vital energy that brings the landscape to life and purifies its well-defined and ever-present spirit.

I know, I probably went too far with my imagination, but I love exploring the landscape not only with my body and camera, but also with my mind, keeping my perception active. I believe that exploration is one of the fundamental things for a nature photographer, it enriches the interpretation and improves the life experience and the spiritual quality.

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